l’E3 of 2022 it will not be held either in person or in virtual form. l’Entertainment Software Association confirmed that the highly anticipated event was dedicated to the world of video games deleted

Until recently, E3 was considered the most important convention dedicated to the world of video games, with major publishers taking the stage of Los Angeles to present the news to an audience – in attendance and connected in streaming – of millions of fans, journalists and insiders.

The event had recently lost its relevance and many publishers have started to prefer other channels to showcase their video games. Covid-19 has delivered the final blow, the 2021 edition being remembered as one of the dullest in E3 history, thanks to its overflowing realities such as Playstation and Nintendo. The 2020 event has been canceled due to the pandemic.

In the release, the Entertainment Software Association made it clear that the end of E3 has not yet come. On the contrary, the association wants to use this break to work on a grand revival of the funfair, hoping to bring it back to the glory of the past.

The hope is that E3 will be back in 2023, with a large audience of journalists and fans from around the world. The requirement, of course, is that the Covid-19 emergency ends in the coming months.

In the 2023 E3 it could come back with an ‘innovative’ and highly interactive format – even if the organizers didn’t get into it. Given the recent metaverse fever, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Entertainment Software Association hints at some form of integrating the event with virtual reality and gamification.

Source: Lega Nerd

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