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First offer for Apple Watch Series 8 and from Amazon: now with temperature sensor


There’s a new addition to Apple’s smartwatch catalog this 2022, and that’s the Watch Ultra, a newer (and more expensive) device. However, the Series 8 is a clear benchmark for most users, with a starting price of €499 for the 41mm model with GPS.

Fortunately, it already exists. offer on Apple Watch Series 8. Modestly, yes, but a suggestion nonetheless. This is a 41mm diameter white edition that costs 474 euros on Amazon, a store that also offers free and fast shipping.

The discount is only 25 euros, but it’s something. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that there is usually a slight price cut for Apple products as soon as they hit the market, and this is no exception.

Apple Watch Series 8 41mm

While reviewing the Apple Watch Series 8, we were able to test everything this smartwatch has to offer, which is a lot. For example, some of the most advanced sensors on the market, even with the ability to create absolutely reliable electrocardiograms.

What was added to the Apple Watch series in 2022 is a skin temperature important innovation that can indicate more or less a trend in body temperature, although not as accurate as a thermometer when it comes to detecting a fever if you have one.

Like every year, the battery takes a small step forward with better autonomy, although it lasts 2-3 days at best, which is one of the weak points not only of Apple smartwatches, but of the sector as a whole. .

The Apple Watch Series 8 on sale is still perfect as a sports watch.

While it’s still a smartwatch with Siri that receives calls, notifications, and even lets you pay with Apple Pay, the Apple Watch is first and foremost a very good sports watch.

To GPS, we need to add every capability to enter our own workouts, track our progress, and even compete against other people through apps like Strava or Nike Running.

The fact that the cheaper Apple Watch Series 8 is now available only adds to the excitement of being able to make the leap, especially if you have a 3-4 year old model.

Source: Computer Hoy

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