There are those who lock themselves up and disappear.. There are also those who prefer to show off and look unimpressed. For every individual who receives bad news, such as being fired, there is a reaction. The reaction of Luis el ‘Chino’ Sandoval, who was fired from Junior, is not yet known.

He is known to have been kicked out of Atlético Junior for showing up at training in poor condition after a night out. But very little was seen.

At least not by election, because now it’s because of the news Video circulating on social networks and creating controversy a certain segment of Barranquilla fans because of its candid content.

Despite the scandal about his departure, the striker, who will receive psychological help from the ‘shark’ club, According to entertainment portals, Junior appeared in a candid moment with a woman who was going to be a cheerleader.
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In a video with a recording date, the actor’s face was visible in the background and at one time it was written, “After Chino Sandoval didn’t let me go, the rest is a story! You don’t see that he’s everything.” Unknown.

Comments on the broadcast are not very kind and what will happen to the career of a player in the Colombian U-20 team is still a mystery.


Source: Exame

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