Red eyes that burn are tired and dry. We have often had these symptoms eyes after too many hours in front of the PC. Some solutions that bring relief can be artificial tears, hip goggles, improving indoor air quality. If this isn’t enough, you should try it eye yoga. It is a technique of relaxation to relieve eyestrain and other visual disturbances.

The technique corresponds to a combination of eye movements to the left, right, up and down. A way to strengthen the muscles and relax the eyes combined with moments of concentration. Besides being able to rest the eye after too many hours on the PC, cell phone or TV, it also manages to improve the answer of the brain. The way it interprets what the eyes see. Eye Yoga immediately calms and relieves stress. Here are some essentials assignments.

Rolling eyes: prevents or relieves eyestrain. Try to look at the ceiling with concentration. Then twist both eyes to get a complete look. Then look up and then all the way to the left and finally return your gaze to the ceiling. Then look ahead and take a deep breath. Repeat the exercise several times before changing direction and doing the exercise counterclockwise.

Eye palms: aims to calm down and maintain concentration. Rub your hands to warm them, then place your palms in front of your eyes. Then place the fingertips on the forehead, without the palms touching the eyes. Breathe in slowly and clear your mind of everything. The eyes are not closed, but stare at the palms. Hold this position for a minute with a slow exhale.

Source: Lega Nerd

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