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WhatsApp already allows users to share links for video calls or just audio, here’s how it works


Excellent messaging app whatsappnever stops incorporating improvements and new features into its platform.

We’ve already witnessed some of the recent ones, such as an increase in the number of group members to 1024, new stickers and emoji, the already mentioned group surveys, or even a testing service that will allow up to 32 video call participants.

Well, one of those innovations that Mark Zuckerber announced just last month is for the ability to join calls from the application messages from facebook one touch link.

This concept, known as “Call Links”, will allow you to create a link to a video or call only in the “Calls” tab, and after creating the link, the ability to share it with anyone for them to join. So far, this has been an idea that has been tried to be implemented, but the news is that finally, it already reaches more users by whatsapp.

This is how Call Links, the new WhatsApp feature for sharing video call links, works.

As we have seen, this feature of Facebook implemented in the “Calls” section. And that’s what inside here you will see a new option called “Create Call Link” pinned above your call log.

Once you have access, you will be presented with two options: make a call (voice only) or video call (voice and video). Once it’s doneyou can copy the invitation link and send it to your contacts via whatsapp or any other sharing platform in chat.

WhatsApp already allows more users to share video call links

When recipients receive a WhatsApp call invitation link, they can click the “Join” button and join the call. A great aspect to note is that the app won’t notify you when someone joins the call, although you will be able to see it among the existing participants, which will certainly avoid annoying interruptions.

Appendix chat also confirmed that The link will expire after 90 days of inactivity. On the other hand, if you send it to someone who is not using WhatsApp, they will be redirected to download the app.

Source: Computer Hoy

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