To date, we have been working on betas of android in case you don’t have a serial phone Pixel by google it was quite difficult, but the company recently decided to open up this possibility to many users who do not have a device from the giant. We are talking specifically about beta support for architectures x86_64 or ARM64and around the . to be able to download General system images of Android 13 on any device (Android of course) that is compatible.

The ROMs provided are exactly the same as the ones for the Pixel, which is why more and more users have the opportunity to get their hands on the potential of the new OS before it’s officially released to everyone. Of course it is necessary to be able to upload the images unlock the bootloaderwhich means that your phone’s warranty may be compromised in several cases if you proceed with this operation so be careful.

As confirmed, just go to the site from this link and upload the images to a smartphone with at least Android 9 that results compatible with Treble It must be said that the company has already identified three problems, which will certainly be able to solve everything in the coming days after understanding what happened.

There is a blocking of the audio from your devices, a power-up loop that can be solved by factory resetting the device and deleting the user data, and a larger than expected partition size. However, the fact remains that everything could be less intuitive than expected and that the Android 13 test operation should only be performed by experienced users who are ready to solve any problems that may arise with non-final versions of the operating system. .

Source: Lega Nerd

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