There are no official confirmations regarding the launch of the Google Pixel 6adevices that should present themselves as new models of the latest series released, in line with what the giant saw in the field of cheaper smartphones.

Nice news in that sense, thanks to the shareholders’ meeting of googlewith the CEO Sundar Pichai which confirmed that the Pixel 6 it’s the phone that has sold the best of the company, with related new products likely to be showcased at the upcoming Google I/O.

The Pixel 6a won’t get a name, but given all the rumors that have been doing the rounds in recent weeks, the fact that the CEO of Alphabet suggests that the launch of the latter is particularly likely, even if it is good to wait for official news in this sense during the new upcoming event.

The new hardware should be showcased at the annual conference, as will be the news for the software, as the giant needs to deepen the potential of Android 13 that it has been able to anticipate recently. In the words of the CEO, a lot of news is cooking, and all that remains is to keep your eyes on the content of the new event.

Source: Lega Nerd

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