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Tesla is being modified so that it can travel 2,800 kilometers on a single charge and the police won’t like it


In the coming years, electric vehicles will become part of our roads as a standard. engine which will not only be more environmentally friendly, but also much quieter, and brands such as Teslabelongs to Elon Musk.

Be that as it may, the problem electric vehicles This is the problem of charging, and it lies in the fact that when traveling long distances, we will probably have to stop a couple of times for a long time to recharge our beloved electric car, an engine that can not give more than itself.

But it is quite likely that Elon Musk I don’t like this modification of Tesla, which includes an internal combustion engine be able to drive 2800 km without recharging along the way, though it has a few downsides.

According to our colleagues at Autobild, someone has modified the Tesla so that it can go 2,800 km on a single charge, specifically a YouTube channel called “Distorted Perception.”


Wireless Tesla (I drive 1800 miles on a single charge)

To achieve this goal, They installed an internal combustion engine that acts as a generator. to recharge the battery, and for this they chose the trunk area, thereby removing the rear window in order to be able to remove the exhaust and isolate the interior of the car.

The special thing is that this 400 cc petrol engine has 13.5 hp, which, despite its low performance, makes a lot of noise, although, fortunately, only 70 dB gets into the cabin.

An invention with many problems and penalties

But, of course, this invention has up to three problems that will deter many users from imitating it.

One of them is noisebut we also have to add another problem, which is loss of visibility as the rear window is removed. But there is a third problem: you will be stopped by the police.

And the third problem is the low power of the gasoline engine, in which the amount of electricity that it can generate is also very small, to the point that during its circulation it takes you need to slow down a lotand can make traffic difficult on any road.

So while it’s surprising to see that a modified Tesla Model S can go 2,800 km on a single charge, because of all the downsides it has, it’s best not to risk it.

Source: Computer Hoy

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