Now the board of Twitter approved the takeover proposal of Elon Muskmany wonder what will become of the official account of Donald Trump

The former president of the United States was banned for life by Twitter after the events of January 6, 2021, when a mob of his supporters besieged the Capitol, on the basis (false and unconfirmed by any evidence) that the election had been rigged.

Announcing his proposal to buy Twitter, Elon Musk said he would freedom of speech central to the value compass of the social network. Many American conservatives hope the change in ownership of the social network will lead to an easing of those policies — increasingly strict and less lenient — that had led not only to the suspension of Trump’s account, but also the ban on prominent right-wingers. personalities, such as Roger Stone Steve Bannon and the QAnon supporter deputy Marjorie Taylor Greene

In the hours immediately following news of the impending change of ownership, the host of Fox News Tucker Carlson published a succinct tweet, but able to quite eloquently explain the widespread sentiment in the Republican right:We are back“. We are back.

On the left, the news was met with perfectly specular responses. Many personalities from the world of the left-wing US have threatened to cancel their accounts, in protest against Elon Musk. There was also no shortage of very similar announcements in Italy. Even the US media wanted to play with this sense of distaste for Elon Musk. For example, the well-known technology magazine The Verge published an article explaining how to remove yourself from Twitter.

It remains to face the elephant in the room. What becomes of Donald Trump’s account will be undone Since Elon Musk announced his plan – now realized – to buy Twitter, he has never mentioned the former US president again. He didn’t even mention the hypothesis that some sort of mass amnesty would be passed on all accounts that have been suspended in recent years. We don’t know if the change in ownership of Twitter will also lead to a new approach to disinformation orhate speech

It doesn’t even say that Twitter really can do it, not without committing suicide: a relaxation of policy, or a restoration of the Trump account, could have serious consequences, such as the disappearance of large companies and multinationals that invest in today. campaigns. social media ads and that tend to align with the values ​​of the progressive left. Today, Twitter generates revenue almost exclusively from advertising.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem interested in returning for the time being – although no one has officially asked for him. He had already explained before the takeover proposal was accepted: “I would not go back, even if I get suspended, it has become boring,” he said during an interview for a radio. Yesterday, during an appearance on Fox News, he reiterated the same stance.

Donald Trump actually has every reason in the world to ignore Twitter, as he recently launched his own alternative social network: Truth Social “I will not return to Twitter, I will remain on TRUTH,” he told Fox News yesterday morning. “Elon Musk will improve Twitter and is a good person, but I intend to stay with the TRUTH.”

The sudden return of interest in Twitter from the conservative right is bad news for Trump and his new Truth Social. Donald Trump’s platform is currently a disaster and the launch was accompanied by very serious problems, which have not yet been solved. Truth Social was born with the aim of being an alternative to Twitter and Facebook for lovers of free speech. With Twitter embracing this philosophy, there is essentially no market for Trump’s platform anymore.

Before being banned from Twitter for life, Donald Trump had more than 88.7 million followers. He continues to be hugely loved by the conservative public and is also technically a candidate for the 2024 presidential election (with all the buts and skepticism of the matter). To revive his social network, Trump may try to cling to the exclusivity of his presence. In other words, he can claim that Truth Social will be the only platform where you can read his posts and interact with him. Partly for this reason, his return to Twitter seems very unlikely in the short term.

Source: Lega Nerd

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