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If WhatsApp is not working for you, we will tell you what are the possible solutions


Update: We’ve updated a new way to try and fix WhatsApp not working which is to contact them so they can check what the error is and give us a solution.

The moment WhatsApp stops working, many of us throw our heads in our hands as it is one of the primary means of communication we have right now.

even for many users it can be said that this is the only way to keep up a conversation with other people during the day.

It is clear that at present This messaging app has stopped working correctlyyou can always call to chat with the person you were going to send whatsapp to.

But we also know that this application is more than just this, that there may be a case where we need to send you a document or make a video call, and because it does not work, it will not be possible to do so.

exists various reasons why whatsapp stops working. In most cases, they can be fixed with the help of quick and easy solutions, which we will tell you about right now.

What to do if WhatsApp is not working:

  • Know if it’s down
  • restart mobile
  • Exit or reinstall
  • updates
  • check internet
  • clear cache
  • whatsapp permissions
  • background data
  • have enough space
  • contact whatsapp

How to know if WhatsApp is not working

The first thing we should know if the messaging app owned by Facebook is not working is there is a problem with our device or the reason for this bad behavior is global.

Good solution to find out if the application is failure of all users in generalis to visit the DownDetector website. In it, we can find out if there are any problems with WhatsApp.

In the event that the problem is of a global nature, it remains only to wait for the company itself to solve it.

restart mobile

Believe it or not, but one of the most effective ways to solve any problem in this application messaging service it restart our mobile device.

This is usually a good solution, as incidents are often due to a specific bug rather than something more serious.

Rebooting your mobile is very easy. In most cases, simply pressing power button This option is permanently displayed on the screen. In other cases, press the button power button and volume up or down button at the same timesomething that will depend on the smartphone we have.

Exit or reinstall WhatsApp

If we have already made sure that not all WhatsApp users have a problem, then something is wrong with our device.

The simplest and easiest step we can take to solve an existing problem in this application is close session and see it to start. You can’t imagine how many times everything will return to normal after following this simple step.

Also another option that usually fixes all problems is remove whatsapp from our smartphone and reinstall it. let’s just say it’s a more complete way to restart a program.

To remove it, do the following:

  • Depending on the mobile device and setting level, we can tap and hold the app on the screen to have it launch us. Several variants, among which there are those that need to be removed.
  • There are also options in which, while holding the application, we must move it to a button at the top where it says delete.
  • After we have uninstalled the application, we must reinstall it again and check for errors.


Perhaps the company itself has already noticed the error and released an update to solve it, so we must install it on our device so that everything is resolved.

To find out if there is any update, we must follow these steps:

  • We open google play store.
  • We touch our profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Press App and device management.
  • Now we must surrender available updates.
  • We press Update All or we search for WhatsApp and select Update.

update whatsapp

check internet

There may also be a possibility that our internet connection is not working properly, causing WhatsApp to Problems.

If we use our device data to connect to the Internet, we must make sure that it really works, which is very easy to check, since the only thing we need to see is the icon that appears on the top right side of our device (where we live, volume coatings), data drawingbe it 3G, 4G or 5G.

If what we do connect to wifi our house, we have to check on the router itself whether this part is working or not. To do this, all routers have a special light to know if the Internet is reaching them. If this light does not light up, then we already know where the problem came from.

Clear whatsapp cache

cache This is a great way to keep your phone running fast by storing data that keeps processing speed going.

The problem is that these saved data may be corrupted and the application may not work. To remove them, you must follow these steps:

  • Let’s go to device settings.
  • we entered Applications.
  • We are looking for whatsapp from everyone who comes out. When we see it, click on it.
  • Now we search and click on Storage and cache.
  • We press clear cache.
  • At this time, we reboot the smartphone to check if everything was resolved.

WhatsApp cache

whatsapp permissions

Many problems can arise due to the fact that you have not provided whatsapp permissions required to access important information.

Getting confused and not giving an app permission to access phone contacts or turning off background data is more normal than it sounds.

The solution is to do the following:

  • We open Phone settings.
  • we entered Applications.
  • Let’s find where it is whatsapp and we entered it.
  • We choose permissions.
  • We need to make sure that we allow access to everything that is in Not allowed.

background data

In a very large percentage of cases, WhatsApp does not complete the task send message notificationsthis usually happens because we have disabled data in the background.

If so, then it can be solved as follows:

  • We open Settings smartphone.
  • we entered Applications and we are looking for whatsapp in See all applications.
  • We are going to Mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  • We include background data.
  • We can also activate the use unlimited data.

have enough space

Sometimes the error is caused not enough storage space on a smartphone.

It is extremely easy to solve it, since we must remove those applications that we do not usebut which, however, take up memory in a not very reasonable way.

We must also run a backup of our videos and photos in order to be able to have them on the computer and therefore be able to delete them from our mobile device.

contact whatsapp

If nothing from the above made WhatsApp work, we can try the last option, not exactly to fix it, but fix it as soon as possible.

we can contact with whatsapp through a form and for that you need to do the following:

  • The first step is obviously to open WhatsApp.
  • We click on three points from the top right corner.
  • We are going to Settings and then click on To help.
  • Now we touch Contact usfill out the form and click Next.
  • At this time, we will see the FAQ if someone solves our problem.
  • You must choose I don’t see my answer.
  • Then the mail client that we have installed by default will open for us to write an email in which we must tell what is happening in our application and then send it to WhatsApp.
  • It remains only to wait for an answer.

contact whatsapp

Here are some easy and quick fixes to fix issues you might have with your messaging app.

In a very large percentage of cases, doing one of these steps will restore WhatsApp to working properly.

Source: Computer Hoy

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