Huawei try to get back on track. The former queen of the smartphone market has been severely punished by sanctions approved in 2019, now he wants to take back his scepter. It could do this with a very complex – and risky – operation that would allow it to circumvent the White House blacklist by creating a new brand.

Huawei could bet on Hello Novaa brand launched in China in 2021. The brand is owned by the company China Post and is thus not directly attributable to Huawei – another cooperation agreement between the two companies was signed in 2019.

Smartphones with technology and even design made by Hyawei, but today offered for sale by another company and not subject to US sanctions. In the Hi Nova catalog we find devices such as the Hi Nova 9 Pro, a talking copy of Huawei’s Nova 9 Pro but with an important difference: it mounts the SoC Snapdragon 778Gprocessor shielded from Huawei precisely because of the sanctions.

Although the Hi Nova 9 sold in China does not have the services of Google, in theory an international version of the same smartphone could easily get the version of Android with YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps. In short, it would in fact be a big return of Huawei technology within the western market.

It remains to be seen what the US will do. The White House could also sanction the new company by quickly ending Huawei’s ambitions.

Source: Lega Nerd

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