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This is what it will cost you to turn in ITV in each Autonomous Community and there are big differences


It is imperative that all drivers pass a vehicle inspection (ITV) of your vehicle, a mandatory inspection that ensures that your vehicle is in perfect condition to drive on our roads, and depending on the Autonomous Community you are in, you will pay one price or another when passing this inspection.

And that’s what discrepancies of up to 185.4% are possible in technical inspection rates ITV according to the autonomous community you are in, inspection which can be done uphill if you are in one of the communities where it is more expensive to spend, price this can even be increased if we are talking about motorcycles.

To demonstrate this, FACUA found a difference of up to 185.4% in inspection frequency for gasoline vehicles and up to 116.1% for diesel vehicles.

As they note in their report, the average price of ITV in the 17 Autonomous Communities is currently The cost of petrol cars is 35.98 euros.which represents a 3.6% increase over 2021; and 43.51 euros for vehicles with a diesel engine.which is 4.3% more expensive than in 2021.



In a relationship for petrol vehiclesThe Valencian Community is the territory with the highest ITV rate (€48.55), followed by Euskadi (€47.44), Ceuta (€46.73) and the Community of Madrid (€45.40).

The lowest prices for cars with a gasoline engine in Mallorca are 17.01 euros, in Murcia – 22.30 euros, in Andalusia – 26.19 euros for cars with an engine capacity of less than 1600 cc. See and in Extremadura – 29.25 euros.

talking about passenger cars with diesel engine the most expensive autonomous community is the Community of Valencia at €63.22, followed by the Community of Madrid at €59.24 and Ceuta at €55.43.

And as for the cheapest fares, it’s Extremadura for €29.25, Andalusia for cars under 1600cc. See for 30.79 euros and Murcia for 30.90 euros.

There are also differences in the price of ITV for motorcycles.

And speaking of motorcycles, the average cost of passing ITV in the 17 autonomous communities is 20.81 euros, which is 3.3% more than in 2021. In this category, the difference between the most expensive and the most economical reaches 280.9 euros. %.

So an ITV motorcycle ride in the Community of Madrid costs €38.89, while the cheapest one is in Mallorca where it costs €10.21.

With this FACUA report, you now have a much clearer idea of ​​how much it will cost you to watch ITV on your automobile or a motorcycle.

Source: Computer Hoy

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