the representation of The Netherlands in the’European Union organized a flea market to prevent that old clothes are thrown into the bins. The initiative ‘Empty the cupboard‘ was launched in the Netherlands in 2019 and was only blocked by the pandemic. The event was scheduled for yesterday, October 27, and to mark the occasion, the Dutch offered a drink or an aperitif to everyone who took part in the initiative.

For the Netherlands, the current model oftextile industry it is unsustainable to produce one T-shirt 27,000 liters of water are needed. In other words, the textile industry has a major impact on surroundings And climate. The exchange of clothes is meant to lead by example to create a new kind of socio-cultural model.

Talk about Green Deal And durability fashion also has its role and dressing chic means dressing in a fashion responsible. The Netherlands is convinced that the textile industry should be sustainable And competitiveand should not only be aligned with efforts to achieve the by 2050circular economy.

In Amsterdam, the aim was to follow a fast-track to align the European Union’s strategies on sustainable textile products for which several initiatives are planned to ensure the sustainability of the products and the greenwashing.

Source: Lega Nerd

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