Not everyone knows, but the honey it should not be given to children for a year. Do not dip the baby’s pacifier in honey to put him to sleep. The reason is one: the risk of infant botulism. A rare fatal syndrome. It is descending symmetrical flaccid paralysis: in the beginning there is a paralysis of the cranial nerves and then in the rest of the body. In severe cases, respiratory arrest and death also occur.

The cause is toxins produced by bacteria (Clostridium). Children under one year of age may have an immature microbiota that cannot control their growth. From the gut, the spores can then release the botulinum toxin that could reach the blood and lymphatic system, leading to paralysis. here are the symptoms of pediatric botulism:

Child botulism can be one of the causes of SIDS. Bacterial spores can be swallowed or inhaled. The only food that can be traced back to childhood botulism cases is honey. The tracks of Clostridium can be collected involuntarily by the bees and end up on honey, where they cannot germinate, but survive on water. This is why honey may have traces of botulinum. If it is common in adults, their bacterial flora can handle and avoid the proliferation of Clostridium. However, in children under one year old, he finds a weak intestine.

In short, this is the main reason why honey should be avoided in the diet of children under one year of age. For a healthy diet, it is advisable to avoid or strongly limit sugars in the form of honey before the age of two.

Source: Lega Nerd

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