Twitch and Microsoft they have formed a small alliance. Thanks to the Amazon platform, you can access the service for free Game Pass for PCan opportunity not to be missed for those who haven’t tried the ‘Netflix of video games’ yet.

Microsoft’s PC Game Pass provides access to a catalog of over 300 video games in constant and rapid expansion. All of Microsoft’s exclusive first-party games and Bethesda’s triple A titles (even the oldest goodies), but not only: dozens of independent games, countless third-party flagship games and much more. In short, every player’s dream. The subscription version offered by Twitch is for PC and it is therefore possible to play and reproduce the titles exclusively on Windows PC. Keep in mind that Microsoft also offers an Xbox subscription and the Ultimate subscription, which includes the Xbox + PC catalog and access to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

But let’s get to the terms of the offer. How do you get the three months of? Microsoft’s PC Game Pass offered by Twitch? You should never have subscribed to Microsoft’s service, just to get started and then it’s necessary buy at least two season tickets on Twitch. Basically, you just need to support your favorite streamers. If you’re an avid viewer, you’ve probably already subscribed to at least one channel. Subscriptions given to other users are also valid for the promotion.

The promotion is valid from November 3, 6 PM to November 11, 2022, 11 PM. If you’re interested in receiving the three-month Game Pass, wait until tomorrow to purchase the two subscriptions.

Source: Lega Nerd

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