Caviar returns to amaze us with its reworks of smartphones in the name of unbridled luxury and equipped with the class and elegance (lol) of a Russian oligarch. This time it’s the new one’s turn iPhone 14 Pro “Rolex Edition”.

Caviar made an iPhone 14 Pro with a Rolex Daytona embedded in the back. It costs over $130,000.

It’s part of the series Major complications, that is, the most expensive and “exclusive” Caviar products. As the name suggests, the phone’s body now houses a Rolex Daytona. The price? $133,670. “We wanted to pay tribute to the great history of Rolex with a new product from the Grand Complication”.

By the way, the series contains only two phones so far: the other has a case with real teeth from T-Rex. Caviar doesn’t manufacture phones, but specializes in crafting top phones from major brands – especially Apple and Samsung.

Caviar’s phones are distinguished by the use of ultra-premium materials, including platinum, titanium, gold, silver and all kinds of gemstones. Among other things, Caviar has made phones with real meteorite inserts, as well as phones with small relics incorporated into the housing, including a fragment of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck sweater and a fragment of the wreckage of the Titanic. In the past, Caviar has also made a gold-plated Playstation 5.

Source: Lega Nerd

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