Across the ghost images it turned out that the to withdraw and theto prevent are common methods of ending a relationship. Today, thanks to the existence of the internet, we can easily reject unwanted suitors or people by deleting or blocking them. Some live behaviors would be rude, but now online they have become a common strategy in direct communication.

A recent study examined the reasons, consequences and ways to tackle ghosting on dating apps. It turns out that the ghostswho has suffered from ghosting, blamed the ghoster. On the other hand, more than a third blamed themselves and a fifth blamed the benefits ofapp. THE reasons: why ghoster was ghosting: blaming itself, blaming the capabilities of the app. Finally, no communication obligation and take care of each other. Usually ghosters and ghosts always blame the other person, but they have largely blamed themselves.

The effects of ghosting are there to shrink fromself confidence and from to trust of those who receive ghosting. Those who receive rejection can lower their self-esteem and thereby experience rejection in a very painful way. However, there is also the handleie streamline the ghosting experience as it is part of using dating apps. Coping can prevent online dating users from feeling low self-esteem.

The more you are ghosted and interacted with the other person, the more painful the ghosting is. On the other hand, those who have ghosted have often negatively predicted the assessment of pain. The strategies to tackle ghosting were: rationalizing the ghosting experience, changing behavior and their expectations of others. In addition, keep an eye on the ghoster’s social accounts or his social network, find comfort in friends by sharing the ghosting experience. Finally, cancel the app and stop dating online for a while.

Often the ghostee refuses to accept the reasons for the denial and shows aggressive behavior, so many ghosters haunt to protect themselves. The research was important to Square generally important in ghosting, also from the point of view clinical. Sometimes, before you blame yourself, it’s always better to understand that the technology used communication facilitates ghosting.

Source: Lega Nerd

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