A cost-effective process that reduces the amount of paper sent to landfills and incinerators by cutting fewer trees for cellulose. Over there waste paper it includes recovered fibers obtained from already used paper or paperboard and from which ultimately recycled paper can be obtained. There is old paper industrial including all waste from the paper or publishing industry and others. Collection is done by companies that specialize in the production location of the waste. There is also old paper domestic which comes from paper or cardboard from individual household waste.

Reuse the card has the environmental benefit, that of the reduction of waste to be disposed of and the reduction of deforestation. The limit of waste paper is that it can only be recycled 5-6 times. In 2018, the project of sustainable recovery of waste paper that starts directly with the consumer. The name of the project is LCI Cloosed Loop School Recycling, in the province of Treviso. It delivered the first trash cans to two schools and taught children the importance of: to recycle. In the meantime, other schools have also joined the project. This is how the project works:

A other project in 2019 it will be Share the Education. Thanks to Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd, a Thai paper mill, he donated a PC, a tablet or books to children in need. In 2022, a project was born with the Smurfit kappa group, near Cuneo, where a new paper mill was purchased. The group decided to donate i income of the project in the kindergarten, where the largest number of children of the employees of the paper mill are.

Source: Lega Nerd

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