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If you have a C marked car, start worrying


10 years ago we knew that cars were bad for everyone’s health. But we couldn’t fix it. Information messages and public transport. It worked, but only half.

More recently, Europe has taken this issue seriously, forcing cities of more than 50,000 people to restrict a relatively large area of ​​the city center where only less polluting vehicles and residents can move.

The goal of this zone, called the Low Emissions Zone (ZBE), is nothing less than to reduce the mortality from pollution, which affects many thousands of people every year. The case of Madrid is indeed worrisome.


WHAT IS OBD to know the technical malfunctions of the car

The way to ensure that the most emitted vehicles did not end up in the ZBE was to launch an eco-label that cataloged (in the worst possible way) how polluted cars were. The pre-2006 diesel is unlabeled, while the micro-hybrid is ECO labeled.

In this new label order cars marked B and marked C have a very bad future when passing through the LEZ. Because they want to tighten the rules.

As we read, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Population Affairs has already opened a public review period for the draft royal decree regulating the aforementioned ZBE, which establishes minimum circulation requirements.

And it says that Traffic restrictions will be gradually applied to vehicles without a plate, as well as vehicles with the letters B (yellow) and C (green). But they don’t explain much more about it.

Now a car without an environmental label cannot enter the LEZ in any case (if it is not a resident) and cars marked B and C can only drive in the ZBE if they are residents or if they go to a private parking lot, so you can’t walk or park on the street.

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