according to the information New York Times🇧🇷 a wreck rocketUsed to build the Chinese space station, falling to Earth at high speed🇧🇷 rocket Long March-5B recently launched into space, but some of it Re-entering Earth’s atmosphere deviated from the original coursecreates a risk of falling into residential areas.

The Chinese module was supposed to crash into an area scheduled for its return, but reentry into the atmosphere caused a change in course. This Thursday morning (4), Spain was warned that the module could crash into the area and therefore the government has decided to close part of its airspace to prevent accidents – fortunately air traffic in the country has already returned to normal.

Space Command tweet, “#USSPACECOM can confirm that the People’s Republic of China Long March 5B #CZ5B rocket re-entered the atmosphere over the south-central Pacific Ocean on 4/11 at 4:01 am MDT/10:01 UTC”. Why.

The thruster of the rocket, which was part of the debris returning to Earth, weighed 22,000 tons and was 16 meters long – a re-entry velocity of about 30,000 kilometers, which affected its original fate. Most of the fragments disintegrated after entering the atmosphere, others caught fire and fell into the Pacific Ocean.

Chinese rocket wreck

According to a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, New York Times, the debris was unlikely to harm people. However, when it was first launched in May 2020, the wreckage of the same rocket fell on Ivory Coast, damaging several buildings.

“China has always conducted activities on the peaceful use of space in accordance with international law and international practice – re-entry of the final stage of a rocket is an international practice,” the spokesperson said.

Source: Tec Mundo

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