Earth impact objects from space This is something more and more common. It might be about meteoritesnatural origin or artificial debris from space debris. The latter, in fact, can pose a rather significant danger, according to a study that guarantees that in a decade there will be a 10 percent chance that a person could be hit by shrapnel. But the truth is that today it is something extremely rare. No one was hurt by space debris and only a meteorite fell on a person.

It’s about a woman from Alabama named Ann Hodges, and, oddly enough, he lived to tell about it. He was lucky that the meteorite in question fell in 1954did not land directly on her, but bounced off radio. All this after passing through the roof of his house.

His story was so media-driven that it caused a great resonance. anxiety poor Hodges, who was already tired of the meteorite impact. In fact, according to her husband, whom she separated from a few years later, she has never been the same since that day.

Just a bruise from a meteorite impact

Ann was dozing on the couch at home when she felt very hard blow to the thigh. Waking up in pain and calling their mother, who was at home at the time, they both saw that the roof of the house was broken. In addition, the apparatus radio he was broken. They soon realized that the source of the blow was black rockthe size of a melon, resting next to where she slept a few minutes ago.

He did not seek medical attention as he only had pain and an incipient bruise that eventually turned into a huge bruise. But he brought the incident to the attention of the authorities. Your neighbors in silakoga They have already warned of seeing a red fireball in the sky. in full cold war, feared it might be a Soviet attack, so the stone was confiscated for testing. In addition, there was such a stir in the media in his house that he ended up in the hospital not so much because of pain, but because he ran away from the crowd.

Meanwhile, a government geologist confirmed that it was a meteorite, which had nothing to do with a military attack, so it was decided to return the stone to Anna. She accepted it with delight, considering it a gift from God. However, her landlady started a legal battle to get her, claiming that a meteorite fell on her house.

A series of unpleasant events

The owner of the house won the lawsuit. However, Ann’s media support was such that the woman eventually agreed to return it to her in exchange for $500. Thus, the meteorite returned to the hands of the Hodges. The husband, Eugene, thought that he could earn a lot of money from this, and even refused a small amount of money offered by her husband. Smithsonian Museum. However, after this very modest economic offer, nothing else followed, so he had no choice but to donate it. Alabama Museum of Natural Historywhere he is today.

Ann’s neighbor was luckier in whose garden he fell the second half of the meteorite, which split in two after crossing the Earth’s atmosphere. In the meantime, the woman began to have problems with anxiety, during which her divorce occurred. died in 1972only 52 years old, due to kidney failure.

Another much less painful meteorite fall

In fact, Ann’s impact is believed to be the only meteorite impact that resulted in injuries showing impact. But there are other cases as well.

In fact, in 1992, a meteorite fell in Uganda and broke into several fragments of various sizes. The smallest had a mass 0.1 gramsand reached the highest 27.4 kg. After the impact, a young man from the area explained that one of these fragments, dand about 3 grams, ricocheted off a tree and hit it. However, he was so small and had already lost enough speed that he was unharmed.

So while Ann bruise confirming his testimony, this boy’s case is not considered a confirmed case by some. Although it may be true, of course.

But going back to Anna, her story was an accident that began with something extremely strange. So much so that, according to experts, you are much more likely to be swept away by a hurricane and a tornado and struck by lightning. All time. He was not lucky enough to win the lottery, but he was lucky enough to go down in history as the only person who was hit by a meteorite.

Will the first person to encounter a piece of space debris have the same fate? Hopefully, if this happens, there will be no serious damage to regret. But, just in case, it would be better to try to trace the trajectory of those objects that are found on the way to the ground. Better evacuate than be sorry.

Source: Hiper Textual

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