In January 1996, in the municipality of Varginha, south of Minas Gerais, three girls said they saw a being from another planet: ET by Varginha🇧🇷 The case has become extremely popular among ufologists around the world and has become a part of popular culture in Brazil and now, new information shows there are two alleged real videos and photos extraterrestrial🇧🇷 But the material would be hidden.

On October 17, 2022, American filmmaker James Fox was released. moment of contactA documentary that delves into the history of the event that stopped Brazil in the 1990s. The documentary filmmaker interviewed several witnesses, including military personnel, doctors, civilians, and researchers who were involved in some way in the case. The production was carried out in partnership with Brazilian researcher and ufologist Marco Aurélio Leal.

Although the most well-known part of the case was the sighting of three girls, Liliane de Fátima Silva, Valquíria Aparecida Silva and Kátia Andrade Xavier, investigators and witnesses at the time say many other facts occurred in the days before and after. Ubirajara Rodrigues, Vitório Pacaccini, and Claudeir Covo ufologists were the main researchers at the time, supported by dozens of other ufologists.

collapse of the UFO

Just before the girls saw the so-called extraterrestrial creature, the couple Oralina de Freitas and Eurico de Freitas spotted a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) in the early morning.

They say they heard a noise outside their home on the shore of the BR-491 that disturbed the animals and woke them up. When you go out the window, Oralina claims to have seen a gray object shaped like a cigar and the size of a van., it gives off white smoke, apparently broken. So she called her husband and they watched the UFO for 40 minutes, which seemed to go down slowly.

Carlos de Souza, another witness interviewed at the time, claims he drove to the crash site. In the documentary, he claims to have seen the wreck of the alleged ship but was forced to leave by military personnel who arrived at the scene.

first catch

While many people only know the creature the girls saw, extensive research by lawyer, professor and ufologist Ubirajara Rodrigues indicates that the first capture will occur in the morning of the same day.

Research shows that the Fire Brigade was called in to catch a strange animal seen in the area. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they allegedly captured the creature, later known as ET Varginha – they used a net to carry out the capture. This would be the first of two creatures captured.


At 3:30 p.m. on January 20, 1996, sisters Liliane de Fátima Silva and Valquíria Aparecida Silva, along with their friend Kátia Andrade Xavier, spotted a strange creature in a vacant lot near their home.🇧🇷

When using a vacant lot to make a shortcut on the way home, Liliane was the first to notice the creature that appeared to be crouching.🇧🇷 She screamed as she looked at the stranger leaning against the wall of the estate, and then Valkyrie and Kátia supposedly saw ET. Both claim that after the scream, the alien turned to face them so the three of them started running home.

Almost 30 years after the event, Liliane Silva said, “What we saw wasn’t a human being, to be honest, it wasn’t an animal either. So I think it’s a being from another planet these days.”

Three girls where everything happened at that time.

Description of Varginha’s ET:

  • Women claim that ET was minor as a child;
  • The skin had a strange stickiness, as if the creature had oil or some kind of silicone on its body;
  • The eyes were red, had no pupils, and were about three times the size of a normal person’s eyes;
  • The head was much larger and had three projections, almost like horns;
  • The creature emitted a smell of ammonia and sulfur.

Moments after the sighting, the girls’ mother returned to the scene with Katia and observed the creature’s footprint. He claims he continued to smell sulfur even a few days after the incident.

Liliane, Valquiria and Kátia reaffirmed their stories in the documentary Moment of Contact.

Some of the above statements were made by other witnesses in the documentary, such as the alleged military personnel who chose not to identify themselves.

second capture

Military police about three hours after the girls were seen Marco Eli Chereze, accompanied by Corporal Erick Lopes, captured the supposed creature a few meters from the vacant lot. A few days later, the soldier died for a mysterious reason.

According to one of Chereze’s sisters, a few days before her death, she confirmed that she participated in a covert operation that same day, and that this story “will still give the mango a lot of fabric.”

Erick Lopes has not commented on the case since the incident – ​​in a scene in the documentary where he goes to the director’s house, the ex-cop threatens to fire the filmmaker’s crew “instantly (sic)”.

Death of Marco Eli Chereze

One of the strangest facts to date is the death of police officer Marco Eli Chereze, who allegedly caught a creature and took it to the city hospital. He died after a generalized infection from contact with extraterrestrials, according to Chereze’s family members and other witnesses close to the case.

In the feature film, cardiologist Cesário Lincoln Furtado, who looked after Chereze, says he did all possible treatments. However, the police died for a reason that was not identified in the exams at the time.

Marco Eli Chereze’s sister, Marta Tavares, says her brother’s death test showed he had “acute septicemia” due to toxic substances in his body. He continues to struggle to understand and prove that Chereze’s death is linked to the creature’s alleged capture.

Marco Eli Chereze's sister, Marta Tavares, shows her sister's photo and the report with the cause of death.

“I knew he was involved in the operation. But what I didn’t know was that he died because of him. I believe there may have been direct physical contact between my brother and the creature today where he got some kind of bacteria or infection,” Marta told the magazine. UFO🇧🇷

While investigating the case, American surgeon and ufologist Roger Leir conducted a series of interviews in Brazil in the early 2000s. In one of the videos featured in the new documentary, Leir questions Marco’s widow, Valéria Chereze, about the case and says that at the time the doctors didn’t know how to explain her husband’s death and the whole situation seemed very strange. .

sequence of events

The research of researchers and ufologists revealed that after the capture of the so-called two creatures, the army took them by trucks to South Minas Regional Hospital and then to Humanitas Hospital.🇧🇷 they from there Sent to ESA military base (Escola de Sargentos das Armas)In Três Corações, about 30 kilometers from Varginha.

After spending a night at the ESA, the creatures supposedly Preparatory School for Army Cadets (EsPCEx) in Campinas🇧🇷 An unidentified military man said that Brazilian scientists studied the assets, but were handed over to the US military shortly after.

Supposedly, the creatures were sent to Três Corações at the ESA base and then to Campinas;  Eyewitnesses claim that ESA trucks blocked the streets in Varginha during the operation.

In the documentary, Brazilian Air Force traffic controller José Manoel Fernandes states that at the same time, a USAF (United States Air Force) plane landed at Campinas Airport. He claims that the Americans trespassed on some kind of undercover mission and left shortly after taking something.

ET videos and photos

During the documentary, an unidentified military man claims to have seen one of the aliens in a metal box during the operation he was working on and that there were videos of the famous ET from Varginha.

few days after publication moment of contact, engineer and ufologist Vitório Pacaccini, one of the main investigators on the case, has returned to active duty after being missing for more than a decade—even people close to him couldn’t find him. It was discovered that the researcher had left Brazil several years ago, after suffering reprisals and for other personal reasons.

In an interview by other ufologistsPacaccini claims to have seen the creature’s first video in 2012.when approached by people alleged to have worked on the operation. In the same interview, The researcher said there is another video and photo presenting Varginha’s ET. In “Flesh and Bone”🇧🇷

Video information:

  • According to Pacaccini, the video he watched was in Brazil and it has about 35 seconds🇧🇷 The images allegedly contain the body of a living but nearly dying creature;
  • The investigator declined to give details about the second video, as he said he did not want to harm the witnesses who owned the second video. However, he claims this video is very well hidden outside of Brazil;
  • Pacaccini and James Fox are negotiating with the owners of one of the alleged videos. The goal is to publish the video and show Varginha’s ET to the world – possibly in a report in a major newspaper, for example New York Times🇧🇷

Anyway, it’s important to note that the information obtained by researchers and ufologists is from an informal survey, that is,most of the information mentioned has no confirmation🇧🇷 For now, the story remains a mystery to some and a joke to others.

One of the official statements at the time stated that ET was actually ‘mudinho’, a special needs person living in Varginha, but the girls dismissed this version and said that ‘mudinho’ was already known. City. Regarding the riot in hospitals, the military stated in an official interview that the alleged ETs were mistaken for several dwarves living in the city.

“We moved two trucks to Varginha to do the scheduled maintenance. As a result, there was actually a series of coincidences throughout the entire story. There was a pair of dwarves at Varginha Hospital, where the lady became pregnant. “This coincides with the fact that ESA took this creature and put it in a truck and took it to Varginha Hospital,” he said. Discovery Channel🇧🇷

Officially, the military continues to state that they went to Varginha on Saturday, January 20, 1996 to service ESA trucks. But the ESA mechanics weren’t clear that day, according to researcher Ubirajara Rodrigues.

Do you believe that extraterrestrials visited Brazil and unintentionally created one of the biggest cases in earth ufology? Check version Reverse Technology🇧🇷 TecMundo podcastAlong with Edison Boaventura Júnior, one of the ufologists involved in the investigation of the incident at Varginha.

Source: Tec Mundo

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