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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Home Tech DGT warns of a traffic error that many drivers make and tweets...

DGT warns of a traffic error that many drivers make and tweets about it.


The General Traffic Authority uses its official social media accounts such as Twitter to remember a number of traffic rules that are either not followed or that some drivers break at certain times, as well as its latest intervention on the bluebird social network. set fire to many drivers.

Road safety is very important on our roads, not only to deal with those drivers who exceed the limits speedbut also remember certain rules to avoid fines, and DHT He wanted to point out a common practice that happens on our roads that can result in an occasional unexpected fine.

And this is what the DGT warns, at the risk of taking some finesAnd it’s not about speeding, it’s about road safety on the highway.

In particular, the DGT notes that on highways with more than two lanes in each direction, many drivers drive in the center or left lane. although they have to do it in the right lane.

They showed a video showing several drivers performing this act while driving in the center or left lane, stating that “driving in the left lane or in the center unnecessarily reduces the capacity of the road and encourages dangerous maneuvers“.

They also add on twitter that “it will be correct to move in the right lane and use the left lane to overtake. The speed limit is the same in all lanes“.

And this notification set fire to Twitter

But as usual on social networks like Twitter, here every user believes that he is right, even ignoring the traffic rules that he previously had to accept in order to obtain a driver’s license.

However, there are many who avoid taking the right lane because they claim that it is more worn out from the passage of trucks and that there are a number of potholes which may be dangerous to the movement of the vehicle.

However, there are other users who applaud the General Directorate of Traffic for remembering this basic rule for driving on our roads, criticizing those who do not comply with them.

Be that as it may, the rules of circulation were born so that all users abide by them, and those who do not, and were caught, must pay the appropriate penalties that correspond to them.

Source: Computer Hoy

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