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Monday, June 24, 2024
Home Tech 5 Mistakes We Make When We Send Audio to WhatsApp

5 Mistakes We Make When We Send Audio to WhatsApp


whatsapp audio they came to cut down on the time we spend writing. But a lot of people don’t like it. discover five mistakes very often we do whatsapp audio.

Are you one of those who spends a day sending audio messages by whatsapp or Telegram around the world? Or vice versa, maybe you get a lot and you can’t stand it.

Audio messaging is a good solution when you’re in a hurry, don’t feel like typing, or want to say something when tone of voice matters.

The problem is that, for most people they are unpleasantbecause you spend more time listening than reading. And maybe you spend 2 minutes with your ear glued to your cell phone, or hands-free, and when it’s over, you realize you didn’t say anything at all.

Whatsapp Audio Errors

Our colleague Victoria Bustamante from Business Insider compiled failures Most often, users make using audio messages from whatsapp. These are the rules for the correct use of the application, so it is worth knowing them.

First of all in length. Whatsapp recommends maximum duration 2 minutesbut it’s a real eternity. Many recipients will not even hear them or will hear them at high speed.

The ideal duration is about 30 seconds. Long enough not to bore you, but long enough to justify not sending the message.

If you still have something to say and don’t want to call, the best solution is send some short messages. You can answer them separately, and listen in parts. But don’t let them be more than 2 or 3 or they will scare the recipient. Nobody wants to listen to 20 messages with 30 seconds of audio.

Another error What is usually done with whatsapp audio is… reply with text messages. If they send you audio as a courtesy, answer with another sound. This is what the other person usually expects. Also, the conversation will be smoother.

BUT failed quite often with whatsapp audio listens to them large volumeor in public place. The walls hear and, contrary to the text, the sound may be intercepted by others.

You may disclose personal information, which is a crime. The sound can suddenly change, and what seemed like an unimportant conversation becomes personal or even compromised. Always listen to whatsapp audio at low volumeeven better with headphones.

And finally a good tip don’t abuse them audio messages. Some are okay from time to time. But if you send several to the same person every day, he will eventually get tired. If you have so much to say, the call is faster and less tiring.

mistakes committed since whatsapp audio or Telegram may end up disabling the recipient, to the point of ignoring you. So be careful…

Source: Computer Hoy

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