Christoph Jenny, co-founder of the Swiss startup planted he has stated:

We are proud to be the fastest growing alternative protein company in Europe, with significant development, despite our young existence, in our established markets of Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France, and first entry into new markets such as the UK and Italy . With the additional capital, we will further accelerate our international growth, expand our product range with a full product line and build an additional production site.

The company is known for its biologically structured meat from vegetable. It will use the €70 million funding for a new whole cutting line (including chicken breast). An alternative protein meat such as peas, oats and sunflower. A perfect combination for biostructuring, natural ingredients and clean label. Planted believes that in the future, biostructured proteins will outperform animal meats in taste, health, sustainability, efficiency and price.

In order to persuade more and more regular meat consumers to adopt this novelty, it is therefore necessary to produce better meat than animal meat. Planted should focus on taste, price, lower environmental impact, valid ingredients And health. Who knows, maybe one day it will depopulate and completely replace animal flesh!

Source: Lega Nerd

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