2023 is just around the corner and the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) is ready to introduce new features in the group of traffic lights that will work throughout the year. This will be, along with other announced changes, one of the most important announcements.

Some signs are disappearing due to disuse or because they just found another way to alert drivers to the situation on the road. Others change their appearance. In fact, the classic STOP sign has been updated to improve its presence and visibility.

However, when it comes to innovations in road signs, the most important changes have come from new forms of mobility. Bicycles, electric scooters or PMVs (Private Vehicles) are on the rise. That’s why DGT found himself in a situation where he had to introduce new signals in order to adapt to the moment.. Signs that, by the way, all drivers on the road should know. Designed to protect each other, most of them demarcate the movement areas of each vehicle.

Special road signs for electric scooters

Electric scooters or PMVs (personalized vehicles) are already a reality in cities. Whether they belong to a group of shared mobility companies or a personal title, their numbers and usage have grown exponentially. This forced the DGT itself to create special rules for this type of vehicle and, of course, special road signs. Basically, to regulate its circulation in certain areas.

Thus, the biggest innovations in road signs are focused on them.

  • R-420. If you are a loyal user of the electric scooter world, you must know this road sign. Its function is to announce a reserved lane and therefore mandatory for these vehicles. Other vehicles will be prohibited from entering this road.
  • R-421. Like the R-420, this new traffic light also applies to cycling. Demarcation of the path to a unique circulation, and the joint use of these two models of a two-wheeled vehicle.
  • R-422. Of course, traffic lights caused the most controversy. Also the most anticipated. His rules are simple. VMP drivers will be required to get out of their vehicles and walk until the said signal is cancelled.
  • R-118 and R-119. There will also be new road signs for a total ban on electric scooters or VMPs. Their classic red color indicates that personal mobility vehicles, bicycles and scooters will not be able to enter this road from now on.
  • S-45. A traffic light signal that will indicate the presence of bike lanes in urban areas.
  • R22-a. In addition to the previous one, it warns other vehicles on the road that a bike path is near.
New DGT signal
  • S-46. Road sign indicating pedestrian crossings shared with bicycle lanes.

Other road signs also coming in 2023

In addition to personal vehicles, bicycles or scooters, a whole list of new signs will appear in 2023 that will affect a large number of road elements. Elderly, visible or alley models should be alert to the news. Of course, there will be new environmental signs and vehicle markings.

  • R-120. Its work is simple, the new traffic light will delimit the movement of vehicles in certain areas based on their environmental labeling.
New DGT signal
  • R-21b. This will be a signal for pedestrians with reduced mobility or the elderly. It will alert vehicles to the proximity of homes or areas frequented by that population.
  • S-45. Road sign for twisted lanes on the road.
  • R-33. This is not a new signal, but it updates its design. It will warn of areas where visibility is limited.
DGT opens signals in 2023: full list, possible penalties and more
  • R-24a. To notify about the presence of wild boars in the area and the danger they may pose when crossing the road.

Those that will disappear and be mutated

About road signs were going to tell not only the news. Some of them have been revised to adapt to the moment. Others are simply no longer needed, having found new ways to signal more effectively, or not needed at all.

  • R-2. This is the technical name of the most famous traffic light of all. STOP will kick off 2023 with a new style that will show thinner line typography.
  • P16a. A pending signal from now on will add the date of the address of the same.
  • R-21a. Since equality also affects road signs, one that refers to children’s areas will now include girls holding hands with adults.
New DGT signal
  • R-308a and R-308b. These two road signs are retired in 2023 due to disuse. These will be those that prohibit parking on even and odd days on both sides of the road, and those that appeal to parking with time limits.

Source: Hiper Textual

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