You have to pay attention wet food in front of dogs, says a recent Swiss study. Only a few brands can be considered very good, including Orlando and Pedigree. 10 brands of wet food for dogs were tested, mainly sold on the Swiss market, but some also present in Italy.

On every sample They were measure yourself: levels of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, 14 minerals, 16 vitamins. Stefanie Handl, a specialized veterinarian, assessed the different products with the most important nutritional values ​​and in the right amount. A 10 kilo dog needs an energy intake of 530 kilocalories per day.

Half of the dog food received the highest rating. However, the daily dose suggested on the packaging is often too high. Neutered dogs need fewer calories than other dogs. There they are brands Of food best for dogs. There are 5 of them, so half the samples, but not all of them can be bought in Italy. The best food cans are: Orlando (sold by Lidl) e Pedigree. There is no guarantee that the same references will be sold in Italy, as the brands have different productions. This depends on the different countries in which they are subsequently marketed. Caesar he is sixth in the standings and has a good grade.

Source: Lega Nerd

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