It will be because inspired by the actions of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, or perhaps because of a complex towards his wife (also determined to get rid of all possessions), the fact is that Jeff Bezos announced that he would donate his all (or almost) of your assets to a good cause. $121 billion to support organizations and non-profits fighting climate change and poverty.

A noble intention, but a bit false because of the timing: it turned out that exactly at the same hours Amazon resources lay off more than 10,000 workers worldwide. The news was reported by the WSJ, which speaks of a cut of 3% of white-collar workers and 1% of employees.

Of course, if he is to break a spear in favor of Bezos, it must be said that he is no longer Amazon’s CEO, even though he still remains the largest individual shareholder.

Meanwhile, the details of Bezos’ plan still remain vague. We don’t know which organizations will benefit from Mr. Amazon’s generosity, nor the ways in which he plans to sell his assets. In February 2020, the billionaire had the Bezos Earth fund, a non-profit organization he controls that is openly committed to fighting climate change. It is likely that his foundation will channel most of the funds – which will then be redistributed to benefit other nonprofits, research centers, think tanks and lobbies, following the example of the Gates Foundation.

Source: Lega Nerd

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