Also Apple is interested in the metaverseor at least something similar. In a new job posting, the Cupertino company mentions the ability to want to create virtual worlds for its upcoming augmented and virtual reality headsets. According to the latest rumors, the first viewer has arrived mixed reality Apple will go into production in March 2023.

Apple doesn’t actually use the word metaverse, and probably won’t in the future, according to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. It is too ambiguous and now goes hand in hand with the products of rival company Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Apple’s new job postings also reveal that Apple’s next headsets will be compatible with Siri. They will probably use a new operating system called rOS, acronym of realityOS. The same Apple first-time viewers, Mark Gurman always reveals, could be called Reality Pro and Reality One.

With the launch of Apple’s first mixed reality headset very close, the company is clearly interested in fleshing out its catalog of applications, platforms and services designed for virtual reality. Apple’s announcements should be interpreted in light of this.

According to the initiators, the metaverse will one day offer a new way to be connected, thanks to interoperable 3D platforms that are also accessible thanks to virtual and augmented reality. In a sense, it would be a new “all-encompassing” experience that will replace the current web. Today, the metaverse is little more than a buzzword used to describe immature and increasingly abandoned social VR platforms. We talked about it in our special:

The “metaverse” is a wasteland: but how, wasn’t it the future? Where is everyone?!

Source: Lega Nerd

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