HiSense quickly climbed the rankings global television manufacturers, resulting in the second company in terms of number of deliveries worldwide. Thanks to aggressive prices and an increasingly competitive price-quality ratio, HiSense has become one of the most appreciated brands by consumers.

To give the news are the analysts of AVC Revo, which in a recent report highlight how Hisense shipped 19.6 million TVs to retailers in the month of October. That would be an 18% growth. For the first time, HiSense has taken second place in the global ranking, which has never happened before.

“HiSense is playing an increasingly important role in the large device segment,” write the AVC Revo researchers. The researchers also point out that the factor ofinflation – and consumers’ diminished purchasing power – likely rewarded the brand, which has weathered the adverse economic climate while maintaining strong price competitiveness.

HiSense went against the grain by growing rapidly while (almost) all other brands recorded significant declines in turnover and units delivered.

Finally, AVC Revo mentions the competitive advantage of supply chain of HiSensewhich has remained constant over time despite the semiconductor crisis, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Source: Lega Nerd

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