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Hackers use TikTok viral challenge to scam thousands of users


tik tak It is one of the most popular social networks at the moment, especially among the younger audience, which means that cybersecurity needs to be looked at with a magnifying glass, as hackers are now engaged in very dangerous activities. campaign in which thousands people.

Once you use social networks, especially TikTok, you’ll see a number of viral issues popping up from time to time that everyone tries to replicate. Well, currently there is a challenge on TikTok called “invisible challenge” in which people mostly dance naked but later use a special filter called “invisible body”.

With this filter, the system removes the human body from the video, leaving the image with blurry contours.

Cybercriminals take advantage of this situation, and promises to offer a tool that can remove this filter to see naked people.and many users get infected with all kinds of malware on their devices.


TikTok, the app with more downloads than Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

Here’s How This Malicious Campaign Works

They offer an invite link to a specific Discord server with malware. Once a user clicks on a link on the Discord server, they are taken to a website that shows nude videos of people, presumably the result of using this software.

These interested users receive a message from the bot account asking them to open and bookmark the Github repository. This repository advertises itself as “an open source tool capable of removing invisible body filter on TikTok” and has a rating of over 100 stars.

check mark

Inside this repository is a rogue Python package that deploys malware called W.A.S.P. Stealercapable of stealing Discord accounts as well as cryptocurrency wallets, passwords and credit cards stored in browsers.

The Checkmarx research team that uncovered this malware campaign claims that many people are currently infected, and yet the attackers do not hesitate to even delete alternate accounts or different servers in order to continue offering their malware.

These attacks demonstrate once again that cyber attackers have begun to focus on the ecosystem of open source packages; we believe this trend will accelerate in 2023“, the researchers conclude.

Thus, use your common sense and avoid this kind of TikTok scam so that your bank account and others are not compromised.

Source: Computer Hoy

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