Intel has no plans to resume production of the fast but expensive 3D XPoint memory. The company says it wants to launch Optane products for a longer period of time, and estimates have enough chips in stock for two years.

According to SK Hynix, it’s hard to make 3DXP even bigger by stacking it vertically. The company is developing 3D vertical cross point memory. 3DVXP should be easy to scale and work alike. It has not yet been confirmed that Intel will use these chips from SK Hynix, but it is an obvious option.

At the 2022 International Memory Workshop to be held in Dresden from May 15-18, a lecture titled “Structural and Device Considerations for Vertical Cross Point Memory with Single-Stack Memory to CXL memory beyond 1x nm 3DXP” is planned. . More details about the technology will likely be shared later.

Sources: Blocks and Files, ComputerBase

Source: Hardware Info

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