Researchers at the German Technical University in Darmstadt have found a way to find a dead iPhone, but you don’t have to worry.

A new research report claims it’s possible hack a closed iPhone to get its location before the owner can find or do anything. Academics at the German Technical University in Darmstadt have discovered a way to hack and enable Apple’s Find function without the iPhone owner being detected.

In an article published last week, researchers say that Apple doesn’t seem to care much about such attacks that occur when the iPhone is turned off. Just because the iPhone is turned off does not mean the chips have stopped working, Apple enables the so-called “Low Power Mode” or LPMthus allowing the iPhone to be found even when it is turned off.

iPhone screen off

These researchers say they can hack the iPhone and track it even if it’s turned off.

As revealed in the research, iPhone’s Bluetooth chipThe key to Find My iPhone feature, it has no mechanism to digitally sign or encrypt the firmware it runs.. Therefore, it is possible to run malware that allows an attacker to track the phone’s location or run new features while the device is powered off.

The current implementation of LPM on Apple iPhones is obscure and adds new threats. Because LPM support is based on iPhone hardware, it cannot be removed with a system update. As such, it has a lasting impact on the overall security model of iOS. As far as we know, we were the first to investigate the undocumented LPM features introduced in iOS 15 and discover a few issues.

iPhone 12 Pro on the table

It’s not a messy thing to worry about

there’s nothing to worry about

Few people know about it, but the iPhone’s “Low Power Mode” technology, not to be confused with Battery Saver Mode, is really useful as it allows us to locate the iPhone even if it is turned off from the Search app. And how will we see this alleged vulnerability shouldn’t worry you more.

Although the accusations and the results of the investigation seem serious and seem to endanger the security of all iPhones in the world, the truth is it’s no big deal as an iOS update won’t fix the problem. As he reported, A jailbroken iPhone is required to get infected first.

In other words, theoretical hackers who want to exploit this vulnerability first have physical access to the iPhonelater run jailbreakIt’s a tricky thing as it is by no means discovered in the latest versions of iOS 15 and above. returning the device to its owner without the owner knowing. However, if the owner updates the iPhone to a new iOS version, everything stops working.

This kind of research is interesting and of course Apple should take note and fix it in future iPhone updates. However, this is far from an issue for most users, as is the case with malaria like Pegasus. In that sense, Android is still much more insecure.

Source: i Padizate

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