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Movistar Fusion Says Goodbye to miMovistar with New Flexible Plans


Movistar Fusion says goodbye to miMovistar. The changes the company has made today are a bet on the future in terms of features for any type of user. And it’s that miMovistar’s main change is its flexibility, and if we remember how Fusion works, it’s pretty shocking..

miMovistar’s operation is based on a modular system, such as that Android mobile that many are still waiting for, so users will be the ones to choose the content they want to pay for. Go, It can be customized according to each person’s interests, making it a customizable service for each person..

At the customization level, miMovistar is based on four core or core elements: Connectivity, Services, Devices and Movistar Plus+. Come on, each user will have the opportunity to customize each section according to what suits him best, and the most interesting thing is that in terms of price it is cheaper than fusion..


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Let’s see how it works on a general level. First of all, you need to choose a connection plan, in which case you can choose both single mobile lines and a fiber-optic configuration in the house. The cheapest is Movistar Max, which starts at €54.90 per month for 300MB of fiber and 30GB of mobile line..

Once you have chosen your online configuration, you need to place your bet on Movistar Plus+ and this is where the fun comes in as Movistar is one of the big companies that bring football home. the Champions League plan costs €20 per month and the La Liga plan costs €30 per month..

Assuming we are interested in the Champions League, we must add this to the base price of the internet connection. The next step is commitment to devices, in which case Movistar has a catalog of mobile phones, tablets, consoles, TVs and smartwatches that the user should familiarize themselves with..

Finally, there is a services section, and here the preferences and needs of users are taken into account, because Movistar has a catalog of services that covers many items such as alarms for the home or individual medical services or for entire families..

The change to Movistar causes Fusion to disappear, but users who wish to continue using the system can do so. Yes indeed it is advisable to check if the services they use or need are cheaper with miMovistar when creating a personalized configuration.

Source: Computer Hoy

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