Without preparation, disposition or time, walk may be the best exercise for gradual weaning passive lifestyle. Leaving your car parked for short distances, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking a short daily walk can be very rewarding. However, it must be recognized that walking is not a very intense exercise, so some scientists are exploring ways to make it a little more difficult. For example, it has recently been discovered that walking backwards can have many benefits. And if that doesn’t sound crazy enough, now another group of scientists have analyzed the benefits of walking, as in the famous video from Monty Python.

In that sketchknown as Ministry of Silly Walksyou can see two symbols called Mr. Teabag and Mr. Pewty walking, as the title of the video itself indicates, is rather silly. After a few minutes, you can see how both characters move in a crouch, make small jumps or take impossible positions with their legs. The situation is fun, but also very stressful when it comes to exercise.

At least that’s the conclusion of this curious study, published today in Christmas Special british medical journalis he.

Benefits of Walking Like Monty Python

To conduct this study, a group of researchers from Arizona State University recruited 13 volunteers aged 22 to 71. Six women and seven men, all in good health.

First they saw sketch Monty Python, and then they had to complete three tests. In the first they had to walk freely, at the speed they want and how they used to do it. After that they took a second walk, imitating Mr. Teabag’s style, and a third, imitating Mr. Pewty. All these walks were carried out during 5 minutes in the same enclosure 30 meters.

While they were taking place, both oxygen consumption and calorie consumption. Velocity was also calculated by dividing space by elapsed time.

So it was clear that when they mimicked the Monty Python video, the walk was much more beneficial. Especially considering Mr. Teabag’s moves. In fact, although Mr. Pewty’s oxygen intake was only slightly higher than normal walking (12.3 ml/kg/min vs. 11.3 ml/kg/min), when they imitated Mr. Teabag, they consumed 27.9 ml/kg/minwhich qualifies as high intensity exercise.

In terms of energy expenditure, walking, like Mr. Teabag’s, showed an increase 8 kcal/min for men and 5 kcal/min for women.

It’s also good for health

The scientists’ conclusion is that it can be achieved 75 minutes of intense physical activity a week to walk like Mr. Teabag instead of his usual style for about 11 minutes a day. In addition, according to the statement, “replacing regular style steps with Mr. Tea Bag style steps for about 12 to 19 minutes per day will increase your daily energy expenditure by about 100 calories“.

All of this would be very beneficial as it would improve cardiorespiratory endurance and reduce the risk of mortality without spending more time. Today we have such a way of life that sometimes prevents us from making enough time for exercise. So using a few minutes for a Monty Python-style walk can be as crazy as it is rewarding.

In addition, bursts of physical activity of just one to two minutes, accumulated over time, have been shown to have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. These scientists admit that walking like Monty Python would not be easy for people with physical disabilities. mobility problems. However, if this is not your case, you have nothing to lose by trying. At least you will definitely laugh. And this also has its advantages.

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