For readers older than the author of this article, the name Glaze3D may sound familiar. This creation of Finnish BitBoys was announced in 1999 and on paper 3dfx had to outdo the offerings of Nvidia and ATi. Unfortunately, the design didn’t pass as no one was able to manufacture the processor as designed.

ATi later bought the company and related intellectual property, and after the merger with AMD, the founders of BitBoys briefly went to Qualcomm and later formed their own company: Siru Innovations. In recent years, the focus has been on intellectual property in the mobile graphics space. This company has now been acquired by Intel for inclusion in the AXG Custom Compute Group. Raja kodric† In his tweet, he describes his team as 3D Druids who should start working on the Celestial graphics of the future.

Manager Balaji Kanigicherla says on LinkedIn that this will bring expertise and talent in architecture, software, modeling and hardware applications to AXG Custom Compute Group. In the coming years, this should open up opportunities in blockchain, metaverse, high-performance edge computing, and hyperscale.

Source: HotHardware

Source: Hardware Info

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