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Very common driving faults that destroy your car’s clutch without knowing it.


Life is getting more expensive every day, and if we talk about buying a car, then everything becomes really difficult. The semiconductor crisis hit the automotive industry very hard.

For this reason, taking care of our car can be key when it comes to saving money in the difficult years ahead. Change the oil when the time is right, take the car to the workshop, change the filters, let the engine warm up before stepping on it… with all that being said, extending the life is normal.

Today at Autobild they explain to us what vices millions of Spaniards commit every day on the road and that, unfortunately, they greatly affect traction. Let’s take a look at them:

Press the pedal only halfway: The progressive tread is for the two pedals on the right: the accelerator and the brake, which you have to be careful not to do wild acceleration or cause too radical braking.


WHAT IS OBD to know the technical malfunctions of the car

But the clutch must be pressed without restriction and until it stops, because otherwise the system will not activate correctly, and friction will occur between its constituent components, which will shorten its service life.

Leave the pedal depressed at stops and at traffic lights: There are many drivers who, in traffic or at a red light, instead of putting into neutral, hold first gear by pressing the clutch with their foot.

Poorly done because while this habit doesn’t do as much damage as the others on the list, it causes the clutch to work when it shouldn’t and wears out prematurely.

Reverse with the clutch pedal half depressed: A fairly common practice that many drivers do not even repair. Since the reverse gear has a very short travel, it is common to keep the clutch halfway depressed when it is engaged and driven.

As we said above, this implies premature wear of components. Luckily you don’t back off as much, but little by little the wear and tear builds up and it will eventually force you through the workshop.

Release the pedal very quickly: Here we are talking about both speed and lack of synchronism, this is bad for grip.

Releasing the pedal out of rhythm and not moving at the same speed as we engage the gear in the shift lever will result in parts skidding, rubbing against each other and useless wear.

Put your foot on the pedal: Some drivers keep their left foot on the clutch pedal thinking it’s a good thing.

However, this little pressure it’s under means it should work when it shouldn’t, so there’s again some slight but constant wear on the components.

Source: Computer Hoy

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