Apple is expected to announce a new Apple Watch SE alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 in September. LeaksApplePro.

According to this Twitter account, which previously posted accurate Apple information, the design of the second-generation SE remains the same as the original in 2020. So the screen has rounded corners, but it also has thicker edges than the Series 7. most anytime-Functionality is also coming to the Watch SE 2.

2020 Apple Watch SE.

The biggest changes are said to be inside: The new Watch SE will likely get the same S7SOS Like in Series 7. Also, the loudspeaker has been improved and the new SE includes a sensor that makes it possible to make heart films (ECGs). Battery life is said to last 18 hours on a single charge.

According to insiders, Apple will slightly increase the price of the Watch SE 2. The original costs $279 (€299), claims LeaksApplePro The new version will cost $299. This will probably be 319 or 329 euros for us.

Source: iDropNews

Source: Hardware Info

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