Australian Perth resident Lee King received a warning from his stylist that revealed a potentially serious health issue. It was so, During a haircut, the woman’s regular hairdresser discovered that she had a blue mole on her scalp. An unusual sign that came on suddenly and King decided to remove it in successive surgeries.

At first believing the cue was responding to a prank from her son who had scratched her while she slept, the woman noticed her stylist’s precious gesture. “She saved my life,” she said.

The story began a little over a year ago when King’s hairdresser and best friend Ricci was getting her hair done with Jess, when she found a strange blue-gray mark above and in front of her right ear. “I thought my son Lucas drew it in my head with a blue crayon,” the woman, now 43, told Australia’s Yahoo media.

But his friend convinced him that it would be better to see a doctor what this image on the woman’s head was all about, which hadn’t been in her previous cuts. it was then The dermatologist told him that a speck that appeared on his naughty son was actually a rare type of mole called a blue nevus.

“The dermatologist saw this and said he had never seen anything like it in 30 years,” King said, according to British media Mirror. “It really scared me,” the woman added.

The Australian woman, mother of a young child, considers herself “lucky” to have noticed this change in her skin over time. It was possible that the blemish was malignant as it grew rapidly. “In six months I developed a blue nevus the size of a 20-cent piece — about 24 millimeters in diameter –” he said. Anything growing that fast in your head isn’t ideal, so I was pretty worried.”

From there the woman three interventions to completely remove the mole, today it is no longer on your scalp. Only small dots remain behind the ear. “I’m a positive person and I tried to stay positive, but something like that in your head, close to the brain, scares you a little bit,” he said, adding that “it is” getting results that tell him everything is fine. the best news.”

King said I still had some moles left after the second surgery and his dermatologist told him they could leave it, but “No. Get it out of your head. I don’t want it there.”

The woman summed up her whole experience as a “terrible” situation and urged people to consider how important it is to check every part of the body, to look for suspicious signs, not forgetting the scalp, of course.

“The haircut saved my life,” King said.

Doctors assured the woman blue nevus can be caused by exposure of the skin to flashing lights. Apparently, the mole on the Perth woman’s head It was about sun exposure while driving.

These moles, called nevi, can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, according to the popular medical journal Healthline. One of them is the blue one, which got this name because of its tail. they are usually benign and not cause for concern. But as with any mole, it should be monitored to see if it changes over time.

In very rare cases, this type of skin condition can be malignant. They usually develop later in life and appear when they begin to look like ulcers on the skin. It may also take a more nodular or plaque-like shape.

The suggestion is that if one of these blue nevi appears, It is best to visit a dermatologist to exclude a type of skin cancer such as melanoma.


Source: Exame

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