Arrival from apollo 11 to Moon It was a milestone in history, with implications mainly on a scientific level, but also on a social and even religious level. And it’s not just that the seal of the Cordovan virgin flew with them after the secretary of their fraternity insisted that she be asked. There was also a certain order diocese on our satellite. For this reason, after the return of Neil Armstrong and two of his comrades, the situation Bishop of the Moon

At that moment he fell on the figure William D Borders. Today it’s about John J. Noonan. For no one was this too demanding a commitment. After all, there are no parishioners who could be directed.

The only thing they both have in common is that they are bishops. Diocese of Orlando. This is what makes them the supreme ecclesiastical authority on the Moon, through the operation and grace of a treaty that is over a hundred years old.

Why is there a bishop on the moon?

One of the events held before the launch of Apollo 11 to mark the imminent arrival of humans on the moon was an interfaith banquet attended by leaders of various religions and church orders.

The aim was to reflect in various religions the consequences of such a historical milestone. However, there was a place for casual conversation and humor. It was in one such conversation that the then Bishop of Orlando, Willian Borders, indicated that he should be named Bishop of the Moon. His comrades accepted the statement between laughter. However, when the clergy spoke of Canon law, everything has changed. While Code 1917which stated that all conquered territory would become part of the diocese from which the expedition set out.

These religious laws were to be laid down in era of the conquerore., when people developed new territories as a commodity, not taking into account the people who already lived in them. Not to mention how unethical it was, in this case it led to something quite comical. And the fact is, based on this religious law, the Bishop of Orlando should be named the Bishop of the Moon, since Apollo 11 should launch from cape canaverallocated in Orlando.

Surprise even for the Pope

As we well know today, the mission was a success, Apollo 11 reached the moon, and for the first time a human foot set foot on it. They raised the American flag and, in a sense, they gave away territories for conquered. Therefore, from that moment on, Borders began to be considered the Bishop of the Moon.

When some time later he had a meeting with the then Pope, Paul VIHe was surprised to hear this news. Even the highest representation of the Catholic Church was not fully aware of the current canonical code. However, when he explained this to him, he agreed to the meeting. An appointment which, moreover, continues to be awarded to every new Bishop of Orlando. For this reason, today it is John Noonan who occupies the most comfortable position in the world: leading the faith of parishioners in uninhabited diocese. Will something change when the first colonies appear on our satellite? We will see. It would be nice to live in a place where religion doesn’t interfere, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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