Another viral fashion on TikTok has given some parents a headache. Eating “dragon’s breath” is now fashionable in Indonesia. Dessert chiki ngebul is frozen in liquid nitrogen and served while steaming. For the desired effect, children, teenagers and adolescents take it into their mouths almost instantly.

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Liquid nitrogen is used in many culinary preparations today. But there is a right way to use the product.

Since the contact of the product with the skin and mucous membranes can cause burns, it is correct to wait for all the nitrogen to evaporate before swallowing the food.

Worse still, if swallowed, it can cause intestinal perforation, serious stomach problems, poisoning, and death.

Information from The Guardian newspaper indicates that at least 25 cases of injured children have been recorded in recent days, of which two had to be hospitalized after receiving the product.

Several factors contributed to the accidents, according to Indonesia’s surveillance, health and food safety teams.

The first of these is the ease of obtaining liquid nitrogen. Street vendors started selling chiki ngebul at cheaper prices.

They pose a risk to themselves and consumers without knowing how to use the product and without giving instructions on safe consumption.

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Another factor is the fame achieved in practice. Sugar has become “viral” due to the effect caused by the evaporation of nitrogen, which creates a dense fog.

By putting food in the mouth, the mist continues to be produced, giving rise to the nickname “dragon’s breath”.

In order to achieve more love, Images, or even out of curiosity, young people are looking for the product more.

Despite the recent increase in trade, chiki ngebul has been sold in the country for years.

Given the safety precautions, there are no contraindications for the consumption of chiki ngebul.

Despite the accidents, no deaths have been reported to date.

Extra care is required when consuming foods with preparations containing liquid nitrogen.

Choose locations that specialize in the trade of this type of food and comply with safety requirements for consumption, for example: wait for all nitrogen to evaporate and do not come into direct contact with the liquid.

Simple measures can help reduce health risks and accidents.

Source: Tec Mundo

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