We’ve been talking since last year’s debut PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S how inventories of the consoles in question have been an issue as the companies have only been able to partially manage the production issues. Fortunately, as the months go by, more and more consumers have had the opportunity to get their hands on one or both of the platforms, and it looks like some good news will come in time.

We’re talking specifically about news that has come in from the CEO of Turtle Beachwho wanted to deepen everything by giving his opinion on the matter, and talking about how in just a few months everything could change for the better.

Specifically, we talked about how to significantly shorten the times before the end of the year holidays, and how even the well-known company specializing in the world of hardware has problems in this particular sector, with the demand for semiconductors which apparently turns out to be too high and brings all companies involved in the production of new devices to their knees.

Obviously these are simple predictions at this point, and we don’t know how everything will evolve over time, also given that Sony And Microsoft still can not meet the huge demand for platforms, which are now ready to grow more and more from time to time thanks to the debut of new games, making users want to experience the new generation of consoles, even where it is possible to choose for the old. Certainly, as happens regularly, official updates will be released by the companies, and therefore all that remains is to wait a few more months to learn more about the matter.

Source: Lega Nerd

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