News of the dismantling in Madrid despues de secret in which he was freelancenephew of King Felipe VI of Spain. As usual in such cases, several types of drugs were seized, including a very striking one: pink cocaine. This has led people to start talking about it on social media because for many it is something completely unknown. However, under certain conditions, it has already become fairly common drug.

These environments tend to be those in which large amounts of money are moved, as it is not a cheap drug. In fact, it is usually associated with parties where people from high society.

But what is pink cocaine? Is that exactly what its title indicates, or is it actually a misleading title? What group of drugs does it belong to? And, above all, what consequences does it cause in action and what damage can it cause?

Pink cocaine: a substance with a misleading name

In fact, the term “pink cocaine” can be applied to almost any drug that consists of a pink powder. it could be pink cocaine, Certainly. But it is also possible that this is another very diverse set of substances, from ecstasy to mescaline. All of them can be dyed to give them a more special look and thus raise their price.

Actually this is nothing new. Back in the 1970s, there was an American chemist named Alexander Shulgin, who developed a synthetic preparation in this format without the need for artificial staining. He did this with the original aim of seeking medical uses, as is the case with other hallucinogenic substances. Recreational use came later, and that’s when people started talking about pink cocaine.

However, while there may be many substances, it is true that in Spain the term is usually used to refer to only one: 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenylethylamine, bromo-mescaline. It is the drug that Shulgin developed. Also known as 2C-B or Tusia substance of the 2C family, which includes MDMA and other methamphetamines.

One of its biggest differences from cocaine is that it is not derived from a plantbut it is completely synthetic. But without a doubt, they also differ greatly in terms of effects.

Alexander Popov (Unsplash)

Drug Effects despues de from Freulan

With regard to the previous definition, the effects of pink cocaine are very diverse, since can contain almost any substance. Sometimes, in fact, it can be a mixture of several drugs, and even users do not know exactly what the ingredients are.

Now, if we focus on Tusi’s case, because perhaps it was the drug that was in despues de in which Froilan was located is characterized mainly by its hallucinogenic effects. May cause visual and auditory hallucinations and, in addition, elevate the mood to a state of euphoria, just like MDMA.

These are the recreational effects that pink cocaine users are looking for. As for side effects, although this medicine is still little studied, hospitals have already treated cases with symptoms such as dizziness, arrhythmia, depression, paranoia and even convulsions and falling into a coma. Therefore, the use of pink cocaine is extremely dangerous. Actually, in any of its variants. Not everything exclusive and expensive is good, and this is a prime example of this.

Source: Hiper Textual

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