The person responsible for the RoscosmosDmitri Rogozin, accused Elon Musk Starlink terminals have supplied several units of the Ukrainian military, including the infamous Azov battalion “How foolishly he acts, you will answer as a grown man, Elon,” he added.

Elon Musk’s answer is ready. Stupid of course. But that’s why we love him. “If I were to die in mysterious circumstances, know that I loved you,” wrote the founder of Tesla and SpaceX.

A tweet that also worried his mother, Maye, who in turn wrote, “It’s not funny.” And indeed, the words of Dmitri Rogozin are anything but funny. Rogozin accused Starlink of providing the terminals to use the SpaceX satellite internet to the Russian military.

“The Pentagon has handed over the terminals to the Nazis in Azov and the Ukrainian navies stationed in Mariupol,” the director of Roscosmos said. The information is said to come from Ukrainian Colonel Dmitry Kormyankov, who was recently captured by the Russians. And then, in effect, the threat: “However foolish you act, you will have to answer personally and as an adult, Elon.”

At the beginning of the conflict, Elon Musk, at the request of the Minister of Innovation, has several Starlink receivers to the government of Ukraine. The terminals were delivered by various military means.

Source: Lega Nerd

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