The Dogecoin like the dollar. Legal currency for making purchases, receiving salary and even paying creditors. The shock proposal comes from Timothy UrsichUS Senate candidate who will try to win tomorrow’s primaries.

It is not the first time someone has seen dogecoins, a cryptocurrency born as a joke, a great candidate to replace the dollar. Elon Musk himself had in the past defined it as a cryptocurrency “superior to Bitcoin” for everyday spending. Last week, both Tesla and SpaceX began accepting dogecoins as a payment method for purchasing t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise.

The proposal is simple: i Dogecoin must become legal tender It means Americans can use it for anything, similar to dollars. It would also mean that the sellers, as well as the creditors, could not refuse it. In short, a nice provocation given that we are talking about an extremely unstable currency.

I ask Billy Markus and Elon Musk for my candidacy for the United States Senate in California. If I win the primary on June 7, I will introduce a bill to make Dogecoin legal tender. I want to promote the universal and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

announced the aspiring politician. Before appearing on the ballots, Timothy Ursich must win the open primaries that will be voted on tomorrow. Outgoing Senator Alex Padilla is clearly seen as the favorite over all other candidates. In October, the actual elections take place: the two politicians who have won the most votes, regardless of which party they belong to, compete for the role of senator.

Source: Lega Nerd

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