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How many denials can you have to pass your driver’s license


Get a driver’s license it is, one might say, a kind of rite of passage to adulthood. It is true that this used to be one of the priorities of every young person, and that today it has largely been given up in favor of other tasks, but for those who want to get a license, this is still a moment of tension.

That is why one of the most common doubts is the following:How many mistakes can you have to pass your driver’s license??

The answer is simple, but you have to parse it, because in the case of a car license it is not the same as in the case of a motorcycle license, when we talk about theory, and mistakes are also made. on a practical exam.

Failures in the theoretical driving license exam

car rights theory test This is the first test for getting a license, which usually gets on your nerves and in which more than one person complained of confusion and stupid mistakes.

It doesn’t help that the test has a time limit of only 30 minutes, when you actually have a minute for each of the 30 questions, so there really is time for that.

So, how many rejections are acceptable? It is possible not to pass up to three, but not to pass from the fourth and you will have to take the exam again.

Failures in the theoretical exam for a motorcycle license

Theoretical exam for a motorcycle license It looks like a car, but has its own differences. First you need to make a general theory, which is a standard of 30 questions in 30 minutes with three possible failures. Therefore, this is the first sieve.

Later, motorcycle specifics are somewhat less, since only 20 questions need to be answered, but the number of errors made decreases in the same proportion: only two errors are allowed, from the third the test will be considered not passed.

Failures in the practical map test

To the question about Errors that allowed obtaining a license, most people immediately think of the theoretical. However, the truth is that it is the practical that is the real litmus test and the one that tends to hurt the most would-be novice drivers.

In fact, since it’s not based on specific questions that can be tested, many fail and disagree with the result, claiming that this or that failure “wasn’t that big of a problem”. What they may not know is that there is a predefined evaluation mode that is very specific: 10 negative pointssuspended.

The question that may arise, and quite logically, is what these negative points are.

DGT believes that within practice test You can have failures in three different categories:

  • Minor malfunctions: minor malfunctions related to the operation of controls or minor maneuvers.
  • Insufficient malfunction: includes those maneuvering problems that reveal insufficient skill in driving the vehicle and its controls.
  • Troubleshooting: These are the most serious and indicate that the person is not trained to drive and perform the appropriate maneuvers safely.

Each of them involves a different number of negative points: 1 for minor flaws, 5 for insufficient, and 10 for directly correcting.

Thus, during the course of the exam, in order to pass, you must have no more than one fail, one incomplete, and up to four minors, or up to nine minors. Anything that has to overcome them will mean suspension.

Source: Computer Hoy

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