Apple, do this: the inventor of the mobile dreams of seeing “devices under the skin”

The father of the cell phone, Martin Cooper, talked about the smartphone industry and its future development.

Martin Cooper with some old cordless phone models

HE World Mobile Congress This year 2023 gives a lot to talk about, if we are highlighting all the news that was presented at MWC recently and that the iPhone 15 should include on this occasion, we will focus on the possible long-term evolution of smartphones. And what better way to do this than in the words of the inventor of the mobile phone?

Martin Cooper Born in Chicago in 1928, his career in telecommunications research and development and smart antennas make the first call with the wireless network on April 3, 1973. That call completely changed the technology industry and therefore the world we live in. And now Martin Cooper wanted to talk about today’s smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Martin Cooper believes smartphones will go under the skin

The day will come – as if from a big production from hollywood no matter what – smartphones will be a part of ourselves. Devices integrated into our own skin that they would cease to be “an extension of our arm” and integrate directly into our being.

The inventor of the mobile phone believes that smartphone technology can somehow be implanted in the body. under the ear skin.

“The next generation will put the phone under the skin of the ear.”

In fact, we already do, in theory. Wearables like Apple AirPods allow us to make calls directly by ear, activate voice assistant, control music playback, and much more with touch gestures and voice commands. For now though, the iPhone needs to be nearby for this.

In an interview with CNBC, Martin Cooper wanted to share his vision for the future of smartphones and pointed to the future of smartphones. small implants As our Andro4all colleagues pointed out, under the skin of the ear, which does not even need to be installed, energy produced by our own body.

“When you eat, your body generates energy. It only takes a little bit of energy to operate this headset.”

Cooper believes that humanity continues to progress, and he does so at a good rate. Imagine that we live longer, are healthier, and that the best days of technology are yet to come.

Source: i Padizate

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