Second episode of the new part The Mandalorian paid tribute to tradition star Wars about unknown creatures. In the final scene when Bo-Katan (Katie Sackhoff) tried to save Dean Djarin’s life (Peter Pascal), they were attacked by a giant beast. It’s about the legendary Mythosaurus, part of Mandalore’s beliefs. The creature will be a subject of consideration now that the crown princess of the throne has returned to her home territory.

Mythosaurus is much more than a mythological monster in the traditions associated with the survival of the planet. It is also a symbolic reference to its transcendence and ability to recover from the rubble. This makes it clear that the new production season John Favreau he intends to explore the world of the Beskar warriors in many different ways.

The Mythosaurus, whose skeleton is a symbol of a warlike people, indicates the possible direction the story will take in its journey towards a more current scenario. In particular, the unification of the ill-fated civilization under the carrier dark swordeither the Crown Princess or Team. A reference to one of the main myths of the peoples of both adds significance to the events told in the second chapter. The Mandalorianin which the characters traveled through the ruins of the planet and to more revered places.

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Mythosaurs, the legend of Mandalore

Already in the first part The Mandalorian explicit reference was made to the close relationship between mythosaurs and bounty hunters. In one of the most memorable scenes of the opening episodes quil (Nick Nolte) scoffed Din Djarin for his clumsiness in setting blur. In addition, he emphasized that many of his ancestors had a special gift for riding and domesticating wild creatures. It was then that he mentioned the long tradition of his people to ride chimerical beasts.

Apart from these individual references, it was in the fifth chapter Boba Fett book when its transcendent meaning deepened. According to the forgerEmily Swallow), the traditions of their civilization indicated that the appearance of the creature would not be a random event. In fact, this will mean the stage of redemption, in which Mandalorian it will recover from the devastation caused by years of conflict. However, the character dismissed this possibility and insisted that the Mythosaurus was only part of the comforting legends, but without any real basis.

New episodes of the Disney+ series restore the context of Mandalorian beliefs and update them. It is no coincidence that the Mythosaurus reappeared when Din Djarin, current black lightsaber wielder, and Bo Catandestined for the throne roamed the sacred mines. What envelops his appearance with deep mystical symbolism.

Metaphor of the future The Mandalorian

In main canon star Wars, the connection of the Mythosaurus with the resurrection of people of armor is an anecdotal fact. However, thanks to Star Wars legends much more information can be collected about it. According to the extended and unofficial universe of the saga, there is a notorious parallelism between several relevant events in Mandalorian and the beast. Moreover, they are an integral part of its distant history and are the emblem of a promising future that awaits its inhabitants.

Bo-Katan Kryze in The Mandalorian

always in terms of legendsThey were an ancient race of gigantic proportions that inhabited the planet long before the appearance of any other creature. Described in different versions, they were huge, like small cities, with horns and sharp teeth. These characteristics made them invincible creatures. Despite this, the warriors managed to hunt and then tame most of the packs that roamed the surface of their world. That which gave rise to the eternal image a race of warriors on the backs of fabulous creatures.

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Eventually, the Mythosaur massacre wiped out the species before it disappeared. However, warriors continued to use their bones to make weapons, in addition to turning the monster figure into an emblem of their culture. Shortly before the fall old republic, the last traces of his bones were destroyed. Thus, the legend of his appearance has become a way of metaphorizing the almost impossible return to life. This is the detail that gives an unexpected twist to the last great scene of the second chapter of the new part of the novel. The Mandalorian. Is the animal’s appearance an indication of what the series will be about next? It remains only to wait.

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