Volkswagen would be ready to expand its catalog of electric vehicles and would do it by hand, according to rumors ID.2. While it hasn’t been confirmed, the new model will be officially unveiled at an event taking place this Wednesday, March 15th. same starts at 18:20 (CET)and there, the German automaker will reveal more about its new design language, its vision for the future and more.

The Volkswagen ID.2 has been the subject of speculation for months. The car will be one of the cheapest electric alternatives to the Teutonic brand, along with the rumored ID.1. However, there is little certainty about the new car, as they say that the cars from Wolfsburg they changed their plans in full swing.

Therefore, in this article we will look at what is known and what is not known about the Volkswagen ID.2and what can we expect from the event on this Wednesday, where he will finally appear in society.

Volkswagen ID.2:hatchback or crossover?

ID Volkswagen.  Life
The original design of the Volkswagen ID.2 would have been inspired by the ID.Life concept but was abandoned.

The design of the Volkswagen ID.2 has been the subject of heated debate in recent years. The fact is that in the first place everything indicated that the model will be based on the concept crossover ID.Life which the German brand presented at the Munich Motor Show 2021. Although its reception was not positive and would force the automaker to rethink the aesthetic section.

So the final design would have abandoned its lines crossover adopt an appearance closer to hatchback common. Automotive specialists assure that another iconic model of the company would have a strong influence on the Volkswagen ID.2: volkswagen golf.

This led to endless rumors also related to its possible nomenclature. The fact is that there were speculations that Volkswagen would not even launch this car called ID.2. but as ID.Golf. In any case, nothing can be taken for granted until the vehicle is located.

Others see ID.2 as a kind of middle – both in design and size – between polo and golf, since the data sheet of the new Volkswagen electric car will indicate that its length will be 4.25 meters. If confirmed, this would place it just below the Golf (4.28 meters) and slightly above the Polo (4.07 meters).

However, it is worth clarifying that VW I wouldn’t completely abandon the idea crossover or SUV based on ID.2. However, this variant will not be released at the same time as hatchbackbut after a year or two. Internally, it would be identified as ID.2 X.

ID.2 will be the debut platform

Will the VW Golf be the inspiration for the new ID.2? | Photo by Martin Cutler on Unsplash

The Volkswagen ID.2 is expected to be the brand’s first electric vehicle to be developed. on the OIE+ platform. This will be an upgrade to the MEB structure that will include new Lithium Ferrophosphate batteries supporting charging rates up to 200kW. VW may offer it in 50 kWh and 80 kWh battery versions, with the promise of an autonomy of up to 400 kilometers.

The weight of the Volkswagen ID.2 will be around 1600 or 1700 kg, while motorization is also a matter of serious speculation. Originally Germans they would release this model in a single-engine front-wheel drive version.

But since the MEB + platform will support the use of two motors, one for each axle, an all-wheel drive version is not excluded. In fact, there are rumors that the Volkswagen ID.2 could have a future GTI variant, fueling rumors that dual engine implementation could be centered there.

Inside, VW’s new electric car would stand out in that it was practically as spacious as a combustion-engined Golf and seated five people. They are waiting center console changesas well as the system infotainment updated compared to what is offered in other electric models of the ID family.

Price and availability

There has been a lot of talk lately about the estimated price of the Volkswagen ID.2, and while it hasn’t been confirmed, everyone seems to agree that the car will go on sale for 22 500 euros (approximately $24,000).

If so, the car will be in a very competitive segment that promises to have well-known competitors in the coming years. Let’s not forget that Tesla recently unveiled the third part of its master plan, which includes the introduction of two new models to its catalog. One of them could be the rumored $25,000 Model 2 or Model C..

YouTube video

As for the availability of the Volkswagen ID.2, we will have to wait a couple of years before it hits the market. Everything points to the fact that the new electric car of the German brand It will appear on the market only from 2025..

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