Several banks in the capital of Cuba -Havana- began to accept Russian Mir cards. However, it is not yet possible to pay by card in shops and restaurants.

Cuban banks began to accept Mir cards

The ATM screen displays the emblem of the payment system, it is possible to withdraw cash from the cards of Russian banks, TASS reported.

Funds are issued in Cuban pesos. The approximate exchange rate of rubles for Cuban pesos when withdrawing cash is 1 to 1.5, respectively, not including transaction fees.

In the future, banks plan to enable the possibility of paying with the Mir card in restaurants and shops. At the same time, the local authorities have not yet ruled on the start of the Mir payment system on the island.

  • In September 2022, banks in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Vietnam limited the service of Mir cards amid reports from the US Treasury Department about the risks of secondary sanctions. The Central Bank of Armenia left the banks the right to make decisions about the service of Mir cards. Private organizations manage their own risks, including those associated with sanctions.
  • In October, Russian banks announced plans to install Mir card terminals in the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. The first devices were supposed to appear in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates in hotels, large stores and other tourist places. Russia and Turkey will also develop an alternative to payment with Mir cards by May-June 2023.


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Source: RB

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